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Kambal Pandesal Franchise
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bakery as business in the Philippines

Bakery is a mass food favorite because it is ready to eat and affordable. It is usually bought during breakfast as it is the fastest food to available for the people on the go. Hot pandesal and egg is one of the top choice of every juan dela cruz and having a bakery business in some residential areas really is good idea. Old fashioned bread products does not unpopular because it is a part of the basic necessities of man.

bakery business
bakery business products
Spanish breads and other innovative flavors are now available in the market to make an old traditional dough into a delicious and nutritious snack. Whether is morning, afternoon or evening the bakery businesses are really a great help for starving stomach that needed nourishment to gain more energy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bakery business - Pan De Corn Beef

The only bakery business that caters unique flavors and all you need is a hot coffee to make your day full of energy and awake. This the snap shot of pande de corn beef bread from San Miguel Incorporation franchise. 

kambal pandesal's pande corn beef.

    More than 20 flavors are introduce by kambal bakery and the best sellers are: pan de kape, malunggay pandesal, pan de hotdog, pan de ham and cheese. But of course nothing beats the classic plain pandesal. So if you are wondering what kind of business to put up, try reviewing kambal pandesal investment franchise and see how profitable the bakery business is.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bakery business - Kambal Pandesal

     Kambal Pandesal is an exciting new business opportunity here in the Philipppines and as we all know everybody eats bread which also includes the affordable price. Everyday as I wake up in the morning, I always search for something to eat and the way for me to get over my hungry stomach is a cup of coffee, a sunny side up and a bread. Back in the 90's pandesal vendors ride in bikes with baskets on their back full of pandelimon or pan de sal covered with white cloth to keep it warm. Now that tradition is slowly fading or maybe I am just living in Manila now and not in the province. Going back, before it became kambal pandesal its name was "Tinapayan ni Juan." maybe people did not like the way it look so they changed it to "Kambal Pandesal."
old kambal pandesal look.
The newest look of  profitable bakery business today is a proud product of San Miguel Corporation.

new kambal pandesal today.